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20 July 2003 -- Michael

I've written a guide on setting up GCC for the SH-4, basic commands used in the GCC setup guide, and the requirements for writing a guide.

7 July 2003 -- Michael

I'ved managed to get the SH GCC and Sparc GCC development suite and CDRecord 2.0 up and running. A walk-through on the process will be posted soon.

26 March 2003 -- Michael

ZChat Alpha 0.3 has been released. This new version includes new features such as who's on and improved network performance. It can be downloaded here.

15 March 2003 -- Michael

DreamOS's official name has changed. Rather than being "Dreamcast Console Operating System" we're now "DreamOS: Truly Embedded".

19 February 2003 -- Michael

DreamOS has been registered and is now officialy up on Sourceforge. We're currently seeking members and setting things up.


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